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Hewitt Interactive Expands Online Service Offerings

30-Sep-2009 Richmond, VA,  -- Hewitt Interactive, (aka The Hewitt Group, LLC) has expanded it's online service offerings.  In addition to providing Richmond's small businesses and non-profits with Web Design, Hosting, Email, and Online newsletter services, Hewitt Interactive now offers an all-in-one online business solution through a partnership with Adobe Business Catalyst.  This Software-as-a-Service is the "total package".  Business Catalyst supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Analytics and Reporting tools, e-Commerce modules, blogs, forums, galleries, e-Newsletter Subscriptions, as well as a Content Manager that allows clients to edit their your own content quickly and easily. 

What makes this type of online business solution so special is that it can be implemented in a fraction of the time it normally takes a web programmer to build these services individually.  Additionally, John Hewitt (owner of Hewitt Interactive) stated, "This will save my customers money right away, since they won't need to call me for every little website update.  In fact, they can start saving money the minute their new website is being built.  Content is so easy for them to add, they can practically help build the site by adding words to the pages themselves (although we're happy to do that too).  That saves my clients money by cutting out countless hours of editing time.  Plus, that can get expensive paying a web developer top dollar to cut and paste into HTML (the language used by web developers to build web pages).   For my customers, It's as simple as cut and paste...really!"  

Hewitt also added, "My clients can now keep their content 'fresh'.  After all, that is what their customers and website visitors are after...great content that supports their products, services or campaigns.  I'm really excited to be able to bring such value to existing customers as well as new prospects.   I'll deliver the same great one-on-one attention to my customers that I always have, while putting more control in their hands.  They won't be disappointed! "

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